How it works

Hire your employees in another European country, just as you would locally

We are your local experts in 32 countries

Hire employees directly
Unique legislation in Europe enables companies to hire employees directly in 32 countries.
Without the need of contracting a third party or establishing a local branch
Establish hiring power in 32 countries
Once you are set up as an employer in each country, you have hiring power to continue to grow your team there.
Remain compliant with local labour laws
Our in-country experts will keep you informed of all legal requirements you have an employer in each country.
So you can be sure you are fully compliant with local labour and social security laws.
  • Consultation Call
    We will schedule a quick call to better understand what you need. While also providing information on how this works so you implement this solutions as part of your HR strategy as you grow your team across Europe.
  • Proposal
    We'll provide you with a proposal outlining the countries, employees and costs associated with implementing this solution. So you can be fully informed of what to expect before we get started.
  • Document Intake
    We’ll be requesting documentation which will be presented to local authorities in the countries where you are hiring. In addition to all the employee data associated with each country.
  • Processing & Guidance
    We’ll process all of the documentation with the relevant authorities keeping you informed of the timelines for completion. We will also be assisting you with all the relevant benefits your employees are entitled to, or may expect in each country.
  • Hiring Power Established
    At this stage you are now an employer locally, giving you hiring power in these countries as you continue to grow your team. Once set up, you don't need to do this again.
  • Payroll Processing & Support
    We’ll be managing monthly payroll and payslip processing for each of your employees. We’ll also be act as your fiscal representative with the local authorities. We will provide ongoing support and guidance for any local hr advice you may need as you manage your team across multiple countries.